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Fresh, local ingredients. Generous portions at affordable prices. 


​Substitute Home Potatoes or Oatmeal $2.00 

Add Cheese $.85

Fast Break $7.75

2 egg, grits, bacon or sausage patty, toast or biscuit.

Substitute Link or Chicken Sausage:$1.00


Fast Break Select $8.75

Salmon Patty, Pork or Turkey link


Hungry Man Breakfast $10.00                         3 eggs, bacon, sausage & ham with grits and 2 pancakes.

       Substitute ALL Turkey or Chicken Sausage:$3.65

Pancake or French Toast $8.00

3 pancakes or 2 French toast with bacon or sausage.

Substitute Link or Chicken Sausage:$1.75


Fried Chicken Wings Breakfast $9.00

3 Wings, Grits, 2 Eggs with Toast or Biscuit.


Breakfast Sandwich $5.00

Your choice of biscuit or toast

           Add Croissant or Texas Toast $1.75

Bacon and Egg $5.00
Sausage and Egg $5.00
Ham and Egg $5.00
Pork Chop/Chicken Filet and Egg $6.50

Link and Egg / Split and Egg $6.00

Salmon Patty and Egg $6.00

Bologna and Cheese (no egg) $5.00





Omelets $7.25

3 fluffy eggs with cheese, grits and toast or biscuit.


Build your own Omelet:

Link Sausage $3.75

Bacon or Patty Sausage $3.50

Chicken $3.75

Shrimp $3.75

Smoked Ham or Turkey $3.50

Onions, Mushrooms, or Peppers add $.65 each

Tomatoes $ .65

Spinach $ .85

Cheese $ .85 

Pork Chops & Eggs $9.50   

2 Pork Chops with 2 Eggs, grits and toast or biscuit.


Fish & Grits (Whiting or Tilapia) $9.00


Shrimp & Grits $10.00

   Add 6 pc. Shrimp $5.75

House Special $12.50

Layered with grits, cheese, grilled shrimp and link sausage, topped w/grilled onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.
Served with toast or biscuit.


Home Potato Sunrise $11.50

Layered with home potatoes, 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled onions and topped with cheese. Served with toast or biscuit. 


Morning Star $11.50

Layered with grits, 2 eggs, bacon and sausage, cheese and topped with grilled onions and mushrooms. Served with toast or biscuit. 


Big John’s Scramblers $11.50

Choice of grilled chicken, pork sausage patty, smoked ham, or smoked turkey with grilled onions, tomatoes & peppers and topped with cheese. Served with grits and toast or biscuit. 

            Add: shrimp $5.75 or Chicken $4.50

Stem's Favorites

Breakfast Sides

Egg / Egg Whites $1.75/$2.75

Home Potatoes $5.50

Grits/1pc Pancake/1pc French Toast $3.50

Bacon / Sausage $3.50

Smoked Ham / Smoked Turkey $3.50

Chicken Sausage $4.00

Link Sausage / Split $3.75

Chicken Wing $3.00

Salmon Patty $4.00

Biscuit / Toast $1.75

Croissant / Texas Toast $2.25

Oatmeal $5.00

Syrup, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar or raisin add $ .65


Served with Chips or Homemade Fries (Substiture Sweet Potato Fries - $1.50)

Prices for Sandwich ONLY are shown in red

Club Croissant $9.65/ $6.75

Smoked ham, turkey, swiss cheese and bacon served on a croissant with lettuce, tomato and mayo.


Smokehouse Melt $9.50/ $7.75

A hefty portion of smoked ham or turkey, swiss cheese, topped with grilled onions and our famous bbq sauce on a french roll.


Po-Boy $12.50/ $8.00

Your choice of shrimp or fish with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and remoulade sauce on a french roll.


Smoked Beef Brisket $10.50/ $8.00

Our brisket is rubbed, smoked and chopped, topped with our famous bbq sauce and cole slaw on a toasted bun.


Beef Brisket or Chicken Philly $10.50/ $8.00

Swiss cheese, grilled onions and peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a french roll.


1/2 lb. Beef or Turkey Burger $9.50/ $6.00

Fresh ground beef or turkey grilled and served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo on a toasted bun.

Add cheese $.85

Two Chili Cheese Dogs $9.50/ $3.75 each

Served with onions, mustard and ketchup on a toasted bun.

Add slaw $.60


Split $9.50/ $6.75

Red link split, grilled and covered with chili, onions, ketchup and mustard on a toasted buns.


Add cheese $ .65

Fried Chicken Breast Filet $9.50/ $6.00

Golden brown fried chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and a dash of hot sauce on white bread.


Chicken Tenders $9.50/ $5.75

Four piece chicken tender fried to perfection with fries.


BLT $9.50/ $5.00

Bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on toasted white bread.


TLT $9.50/ $6.00

Smoked turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on toasted white bread.


Stone Cold $9.50/ $6.00

Smoked ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mayo and mustard on white bread.


Served with Homemade Fries 

Fish (Whiting or Tilapia) $9.25


Gulf Shrimp $10.25


10pc Wings $10.75

Plain, mild, hot, lemon pepper, or battered


Texas Brisket Baked Potato $11.00

Loaded baked potato w/ butter, smoked beef brisket and cheese, topped with bbq sauce.


2 Pc. Fish Plate (Whiting or Tilapia) $14.75

2 pieces of whiting or tilapia served with white bread and your choice of 2 sides: fries and coleslaw


Fish & Shrimp Basket $17.75

 2 pieces of whiting or tilapia, 6 shrimp, fries and white bread.

Lunch Sides


Chips $1.55

Homemade Fries $4.00

Sweet Potato Fries $4.50

Cole Slaw $3.50


Served with mixed greens, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, & topped w/ cheese

Chef (Smoked Ham & Turkey) $9.00

Fish $9.50

Shrimp $10.75

Grilled Chicken $9.50

Small Side Salad $5.75

Large Garden Salad $7.00

Extra Dressing $ .65

Homemade Desserts

Pound Cake $4.25

Brownies / Muffins $3.00

Sweet Potato Pie $3.00

Cookies $3.00


Freshly Squeezed Lemonade $3.55

Homemade Fruit Punch $3.55

Lemonade & Sweet Tea Mix $3.55

Sweet Tea $2.55

Bottled Water $1.75

Orange, Cranberry or Apple Juice $3.00

12oz Can of Soda $1.60

Coffee / Hot Chocolate $2.75 

Cup of Ice $ 1.00

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