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Complete Holiday Meals Available!

Holiday Dinner 2022 Feeds 10-12 people

Pans for smaller families Feeds 6 people (Call for Quotes)

Fried, Smoked, or Baked 10-15lb Turkey

$285.00 w/ Collard Green DINNER


$265.00 w/ Green Beans & Potatoes DINNER

Cornbread Dressing

Giblet Gravy

Mac & Cheese or Wild rice

& Sweet Tea



10-15 lb. FRIED, BAKED, or SMOKED Whole Turkey   $95.00

7lb. FRIED, BAKED, OR SMOKED Turkey Breast $60.00

Collard Greens*   $50.00

Green Beans and Potatoes*   $40.00

Mac & Cheese/Potato Salad*   $40.00

 Wild rice*   $40.00

Cornbread Dressing*   $40.00

Giblet Gravy (pint)    $20.00

 Broccoli, Cheese, & Rice Casserole*  $40.00

Sweet Potato Souffle w/ Marshmallows* $45.00

Yams  $40.00

*All vegetables will serve 10-12 people

Sweet Tea  $10.00

 Sweet Tea/Lemonade Mixed / Holiday Fruit Punch  $15.00



Cream Cheese Pound Cake $50.00

 Peach Cobbler $50.00

Sweet Potato Pie   $18.00

Fudge Brownies w/Nuts  $18.00


All orders must be placed before November 17, 2022

ALL orders must be PICKED UP BY Wednesday November 23, 2022 BY 3:00 PM SHARP!

Deposit of 50% of total amount due at time of order. NO REFUNDS!

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